After my hip replacement, why is one leg shorter than the other?

Eighteen months ago I had a left total hip replacement. Everything went well but now the left leg is shorter than the right side. Should I have the right leg done now to even them out?

That may not be necessary. The first step is to bring this problem to your doctor’s attention. It’s possible a simple revision of the left hip implant is all that’s needed. Sometimes a plastic spacer can be inserted into the hip socket to make up the difference in leg length.

If the hip can’t be changed, then perhaps a shoe insert or shoe lift would help. A physical therapist can help you with this decision. It’s important to make sure that whatever measures are taken, your spine remains straight and your hips are level. This will help prevent other problems later on.

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  1. david morgan says:

    yes i have been left with my left leg being that much longer then me right i have tryed to explain this to my GP and the Hospital i now have othere problems ie pain axlower back down both legs my hips are out of line i have been back to the Hospital and i have appointments within this month June 2012 to see what can be done i am left with pain and find it hard.

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